Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for my business to be featured on the site?

  • You are a local small  business (can be a franchise, must be owned locally)
  • You offer a retail or service that can be creatively promoted
  • The deal you offer must abide by rules and regulations you already follow

How do I get my business posted on the site?

  1. Create a “deal” or promotion (examples: buy x gift cards, get y free, or get x classes for y dollars), this should be a way for people to engage you remotely/in the future.
  2. Make your deal purchasable through your site, with any respective deadlines, rules and contact information clearly visible on said landing page. Note: we can have people call you to engage, but this is not recommended, we’d like to drive traffic to your website.
  3. Provide a link to the specific landing page where people can buy said item and a brand photo you want to be used to promote the deal via this form.
  4. Share the website across your social pages; use #SLOEcharlotte. You can also tag @blackwedco, @hyggeclt, @iamcorrismith, @garretttichy, @supportlocalorelse and we will share
  5. Spread the word to 3+ Charlotte/regional business owners you know who may be interested to be featured and point them to sign up via the form above

Additional FAQs

Yes. You can submit pre-existing deals or promotions.

Yes. All local businesses that submit deals within the guidelines will be given equal opportunity to be featured – this may include competitors.


In addition to sharing the site across as many social platforms as possible, we will be in contact with local media in hopes of getting more eyes on this supportive network.

The cities included will be represented by the form here.

Yes, we reserve the right to deny or remove a deal for any reason at our own discretion.

Your offer may be declined because it was not clear, specific or worth monetary value. Also, we do not have time to dig to find your promotion, so the title of your submission should be clear and include the offer. We want to make sure what we present is valuable to the community and offers them a real way to support you. If you don’t see your offer listed within 24 hours, please reconsider what you submitted, get creative and send in something new.

Potentially. There may be room for site ad space down the road pending the amount of traction the site gains.

Please allow 24 hours for your listing to go live.

Send RELEVANT questions to

Please direct all media inquiries to