Charlotte’s small businesses empower the creativity, passion and community that make our city thrive.

But we are facing strange and hard times, and local proprietors, the people who have made an extreme investment in our city in order to create something unique and special for the local population to enjoy, are suffering greatly.

In an effort to support these businesses during these trying times of global health concern and a call for social distancing, we are working to create a network where people can engage local businesses remotely.

Because… without small businesses and the individuality they inspire, what makes our city special?

Do your part. Support local.

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Check out these local businesses and please support them! These promotions are updated daily. Know a small business that could use some community support?

Send them the form above.

Small Business of the Day

Small Business Opportunity

The effects of COVID-19 touch everyone – and we’ve heard so many businesses say that their customers want to support them, but may not know how. You don’t need an e-commerce presence, and you don’t need to risk cashflow for your apparel inventory.

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